Saturday, June 16, 2007

How To Use Video Web Conferencing To Make Your Business Super Profitable

Few businesses are yet to realize the full potential of video web conferencing. This is one amazing communication tool that can help any business to greatly enhance profits.

While conference calls have been with us a long time, quality video web conferencing has brought in a whole lot of brand new exciting features as well as dramatically decreasing the cost of the whole thing. Here are a number of video conferencing call keys that you can use to unlock your business profits, whatever business you are in;

Key One: Use Video Conferencing To Reach Markets That Were Previously Unreachable
The world is at your feet if you can master the use of this wonderful communication tool. It can enable you and your business to reach markets that were previously unreachable and unviable to work. Just start off holding regular Video web conferencing events. Advertise them on you business website and even in sites that reach those exciting new markets. Then use the amazing reach of the web to communicate and get intimate with those new markets. The impact on your bottom line in increased sales is bound to be felt almost immediately.

Key Two: Ruthlessly Cut Down On Your Costs
Meetings are much more costly than most entrepreneurs seem to realize. Even setting them up in the first place can prove to be quite a headache when you want to take into consideration various different people's busy schedules to get everybody there. Why not favor conference calls? With video and audio capabilities as well sharing documents, computer-displayed information and whiteboards you have everything that you would ordinarily have had in a physical meeting and probably a little more.

Only a good cost accountant can help you understand the cost cuts involved here. They say that time is money only that this is not even quite accurate simply because no amount of money can buy back lost time. Imagine the kind of time all participants will save by not having to move from their desks or workstations? You will soon realize that it is not easy to translate the time saved by all into money. In other words you will end up with huge savings all round.

Key Three: Use Online Conference Calls To Cash In On The One On One Marketing Advantage
You can write to a prospect, talk to them on the phone or go and see them. Everybody knows that there is nothing quite as effective as the personal touch that can only be experienced by your physical presence with the prospect. The only problem is that in many instances time and logistics just doesn't allow it. Well, not anymore because you can do the next best thing and use video conferencing features to visit many prospects at the same time and give them a cozy briefing of exactly what it is that your company has to offer them.

Key Four: A Video Conferencing Meeting Is A Better Marketing Option
Watch how you react when an aggressive door-to-door sales person knocks on your front door. Or when somebody approaches you at the station wanting to sell you something. We all automatically put up a defensive wall that is difficult to penetrate and in many instances people end up not buying even a product that they actually needed or were interested in.

Smart marketers know that they have to break through this wall to be able to sell anything and usually try to use all sorts of techniques to do this.

The same defensive wall phenomenon is at work when you visit a prospect, even where an appointment has been made. Fascinatingly there is growing evidence that a video web conferencing situation limits and sometimes eliminates this defensive wall that those who are being sold to tend to instinctively construct around themselves. A prospect sitting in the familiar comfort of their office does not feel threatened because they know that they have the power to hang up at any time which is much easier than throwing somebody out of their office.

This is the reason why many marketers have found conference call selling more effective that direct contact selling. This is really a valuable video conferencing key to more sales and higher profits for your business.

Key Five: Sell Your Expertise Through Video Conferencing
Virtually any business has valuable expertise and experiences in its ranks that can be packaged and sold off as consultancy services. Until now the big obstacle to creating this extra profit center for many businesses has been the time and effort required to set it all up. Not anymore because now online conference calls make it all very easy. One can even set up frequent video conferences and invite participants at a fee from all over the world.

In Conclusion
There is no doubt on my mind that the video web conferencing is one of the truly amazing inventions of our time. Use the "keys" here to unlock a wonderful new world of extra revenues and new profit centers for you and your business.


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Terry Hardy said...

I agree with you on the incredible value of these products. Despite the fact that I use remote access almost every day to manage my workers and stay on top of projects, I have not used this software in most of the ways you outline - although I now realize that I should. I did not really realize exactly how much more money this software could be saving me..